October Meeting

October 13, 7:30 am

  1. Paul Scott: Michigan State Representative spoke about issues related to the recent budgeting process and education cuts.
  2. Introduction of M-15 Economic Development Group meeting Thursday, November 12, 2009 (7pm) Davison Area Senior Citizen Center.
  3. Featured Speaker: Patty Plant spoke on the importance and diverse ways she advertises and encouraged businesses to do likewise.
  4. Financials presented by Frank Huizenga: Discussion of Profit/Loss report and setting up a savings account for the scholarships.
  5. Andre Mecheau with Human Investment & Development Corporation presented the mission of his business. HIDC is helping people get back to work (providing clothes, child-care). His business also helps businesses with costs related to background/drug checks. He can be contacted at 810-235-6011
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